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San Bernardino Ricoh Copier Repair.

At American Servco Imaging Systems Inc. in San Bernardino we are capable of serving all of your San Bernardino Ricoh Copier system needs. Being in business for over a decade has taught us that reliable and versatile service along with building strong client relationships is the key to success. We have an office located in San Bernardino, CA and we can come to you very quickly. If you have a Ricoh Copier and need it fixed, you should definitely contact Ricoh Copier Repair in San Bernardino.


Service and Maintenance Agreements

At San Bernardino Ricoh Copier Repair we have annual maintenance / service agreements starting as low as $450.00 that include the following: parts including plates, motors, power supplies, motherboards and even powercords which eliminates the possibility of additional bills that can become quite costly very quickly. And of course all copier service and maintenance labor for the year is covered.

With a Ricoh Copier Repair in San Bernardino service agreement, there are no travel charges added to the cost of a repair and all service calls are responded to within 4 to 6 hours as well. This will ensure that your personnel are back on the job and productive in no time.

Same Day Service / Annual Cleanings

Maintenance Includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • On-Call Service
  • Labor for one year
  • Inventory Control
  • Free Machine Consultations
  • Parts
  • ... and More

Call us today at 800-870-9049. Attendants are standing by.

Ricoh Copier Repair in San Bernardino helps maintain your inventory control by keeping track of the model, make, and serial number/location for every machine that is covered under our maintenance program.

With a service agreement from Ricoh Copier Repair in San Bernardino you know exactly what your maintenance bills are for the year so there is never a hidden charge. We've got you covered for everything except acts of God and abuse (i.e. earthquake, flood, fire, spilling of liquids etc.).

Not in the San Bernardino County area? Wherever you are in Southern California our service area is very robust and we are no more than a phone call away, so call us today - 800-870-9049! A full list of service areas is available here.